Timor Hall 2015

The Presence of the Cape Lancia Club on this years Timor Hall show was a full success. That is thanks to the efforts of Craig, who sponsored the Gazebo and made a huge effort to bring his Fulvia subframe and transported the table and chairs, Ronald and Michael who acted as drivers for both both the Gamma and the Montecarlo, and Adrian who brought his beautiful Fulvia coupe. It was surprised how much interest there is in Lancia despite the negative press about the marque. Both the Fulvia and the Montecarlo were much admired, however the Gamma also raised attention, for many people it was the first time they had seen one.

It was decided to re-introduce Peter Immelmans well known workshop meetings, the first one being on: 21.02.2015

Here are some pictures, the rest you can find on:  http://album.lancia.cc/club/timor2015/