Lancia Berlina comparison

Written by Felix Furtak. Posted in Lancia Tech

I always enjoy the opportunity to pose 2 Lancias together when they are connected in a certain way: Here we have an unique opportunity to asses a Beta 1.8 Berlina from 1974, the only on of its kind know in SA against a Fulvia S2 Berlina where there is at least on other know to exist on our shores.

Both cars very build next to each other in the same plant, the very last of the Fulvia Range and the very first of the Beta range. Otherwise under the new FIAT ownership virtually all was new and different.... 4 cylinder FIAT inline engine, traverse mount, McPherson struts and the fastback design. But surprisingly enough both cars run on 14 inch wheels and they both have the same wheelbase, both have the same brake balancer, and he halogen JOD headlights, but somehow there the similarities end. As far as the visuals are concerned, have a look at the photos below and decide for yourself:

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