Fulvia wheel bearings

Written by heinrich spreeth. Posted in Lancia Tech


a Fulvia’s wheel bearings are way oversized and they will last a very long time. The one thing that does NOT last as long is the lubrication on the inside. They are very expensive and tricky to source however.

SKF 633032A/ FAG 510917B. Dimensions are: 96 OD, 45 ID X 34.

After disassembling my front ones, I saw very little very hard grease on the inside.

I washed this out by submerging these bearings in very clean standard Solvent based engine cleaner overnight and wiping out everything afterwards with clean paper roll:

Bearing-dissasembled  spanjaard

I was not able to remove the seals as I felt it was too much risk of damage.


Even though my bearings where quiet many of the balls had small lines on them which I could not feel with my nail:




I opted for new ½ inch (12.7mm) balls. Each bearing needs 26. These can be found cheap at any bearing supplier.







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