Fulvia steering box

Written by heinrich spreeth. Posted in Lancia Tech

My Fulvia Steering box has been leaking for a very long time. It was time to address it.


I decided to disassemble ad clean up parts.




Parts needed for basic rebuild:

1 x Top Needle bearing  DL3020( full compliment) 30(inner)x38(outer)x20(width)

2 x shaft needle bearings. B 1816 ( full compliment) 28.57 x 34.94 x 25.4mm

1 x Bottom seal 28.58mm x 39.69mm x 6.35mm

1 x side seal   19 x 30 x 7mm

2 x worm shaft bearings , I did not replace as mine was good.


1: Take care of shims for worm shaft!! These need to go back exactly. I just wiped them down with solvent as they are steel.


2: there are two longer bolts and two shorter bolts. The shorter bolts go in the holes closest to the steering worm gear shaft. These holes go directly into the bearings of this shaft. You can oil them directly with fresh oil by simply removing these bolts. DO NOT bolt down the long bolts into these two holes as they could bottom out and damage bearing.

The Two longer bolts also holes the bracket (not shown in photos) that bolts to the frame where front leaf spring sits.





I decided to NOT use SAE 90 gearbox oil since this is such a low speed device  and rather go for NGLI 00 grease with extreme pressure additives which would not leak past seals so easily. Taking care to coat all bearings manually during assembly.



Video of gearbox when I just filled it: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/z9b1ORe0qzQ




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