Fulvia front Leaf Spring

Written by heinrich spreeth. Posted in Lancia Tech

Fulvia Leaf Spring.


Leaf springs on a Fulvia has liners in between leaves and also lubrication.

I was changing the Rubber bumper on the end anyway and So I decided to clean out Spring replace liners and regrease.



I don’t have any sagging issues otherwise. This is what my spring measured as with no load:



I do not know what material was used for liners before, I measured 0.7mm in thickness. I opted to get a sheet of PTFE at 1mm thickness.

PTFE cuts very easily using a Sharp knife and straight edge . Note The old black liner in photo. I could only find White PTFE in stock. Black would be preferable.



Remember to cut out hole where inner bolt and Spacer is mounted.



I used thicker NGLI 3 grease for in between metal and plastic.



The TOP inner NUT has to have a spacer so that second leaf can slide on bottom one.



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