Fulvia Steering Idler

Written by heinrich spreeth. Posted in Lancia Tech

I recently Removed my series 3 Fulvia’s Idler to service as part of a Suspension Upgrade.


Note: My Idler Does not have a grease fitting and must have been assembled from the Factory with Nylon Bushes. When I opened it up it had Brass bushes installed with grease. I suspect somewhere in the history someone Had Bushes turned and replaced the Nylon units.


This Idler had no play so I did not press out Bushes. I simply cleaned up everything and replaced Grease and Bottom Seal. The Seal is 29x42x7 however I replaced it with 29x42x6mm seal as this was the only size I could source easily.  This should not leak since it is filled with NGLi 2 Grease and not oil.


If yours has a Nylon Bushes this might be a good upgrade.




You need a special tool to disassemble the large nut. Incidentally, this is the same tool that is used on the Gearbox Differential Large Bearing nut. The Pitman Arm Nut is 36mm for reference.


I used NGLi 2 Grease with extreme pressure additives. For Setting I turn in screw with Flathead screwdriver until it binds movement of shaft and then turn out 1/8th turn and tighten lock nut with 13mm spanner.




I Opted to not paint the Alu housing and just give a quick abrasive clean. I did however paint the arm.



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