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Timor Hall 2024

Written by Felix Furtak. Posted in Timor Hall

It was a wonderful day: Everything came together well. There is f course the beautiful location, Timor Hall, and ideal weather, sunny but not hot, and an array of lancias courtesy of:


Johan du Toit in his Thema S3

Ricardo Pugliese in his Fulvia coupe S2 (champagne)

Massimo Caverni in his Fulvia coupe S2 (maroon)

Heinrich Spreeth in his Fulvia coupe S3 (rosso corsa)

and 2 Fulvia Berlinas from the Cape Lancia Museum.


A big thank you to everybody to make it happen.


Please note that the last image is the authors choice :)




Timor Hall 2020

Written by Felix Furtak. Posted in Timor Hall

Timor Hall Motor Show 2020:  our car selection

All cars arrived as planned:

1) Thesis V6  ( Lancia Auto)

2) Lancia Kappa  ( Reuben Isaacs)

3) Thema 8:32    ( Reuben Isaacs)

4) Beta Spider    ( Waheed Abdurahman)

5) Fulvia Saloon S2 ( Lancia Auto )

A big thank you to Reuben, Tertia  and Waheed. Sadly the weather was a letdown and I got rather wet, but as you can see on the pictures below, the kids had a good time. For next year we would like to see a

different selection of cars, we are hoping to get the Lambda, and there is still an Astura and a Flaminia Touring which we would love to have.



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