Welcome to the Cape Lancia Club ®

The Cape Lancia Club ® 

Set up with copious amounts of love, passion & enthusiasm, our intention is not only to promote and further interest in Lancia (and Lancia-engined) vehicles, but to create opportunities for like-minded Lancia enthusiasts to share their stories and experiences. Our forum, photo gallery and selection of links, boast a 'hands on' welcoming approach to our campaign, leaving no-one struggling for direction....

Do you own a Lancia? Have you ever owned a Lancia? Do you simply have a general interest in the iconic Lancia brand? Do you want to exchange and pool technical knowledge and data? Do you want track down that 4-wheeled family member from many years ago that you regrettably sold? Whatever your walk of life, if 'Lancia' has been a part of your story, big or small, please be part of our collective.

We will be sure to inform you of meetings, social events and car shows; hoping to have your support, presence and valued input.

Welcome all, to the Cape Lancia Club ®......see you there........JOIN US........


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