Timor Hall 2020

Written by Felix Furtak. Posted in Timor Hall

Timor Hall Motor Show 2020:  our car selection

All cars arrived as planned:

1) Thesis V6  ( Lancia Auto)

2) Lancia Kappa  ( Reuben Isaacs)

3) Thema 8:32    ( Reuben Isaacs)

4) Beta Spider    ( Waheed Abdurahman)

5) Fulvia Saloon S2 ( Lancia Auto )

A big thank you to Reuben, Tertia  and Waheed. Sadly the weather was a letdown and I got rather wet, but as you can see on the pictures below, the kids had a good time. For next year we would like to see a

different selection of cars, we are hoping to get the Lambda, and there is still an Astura and a Flaminia Touring which we would love to have.



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